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  • CJ Loomis

In the beginning...

God created man. Eventually I came along and had a burning desire to be an author. It's my pipe dream. Like others like me that dreamt of being a rock star or a star athlete, I pined to entertain through written word. Theater of the mind is one of the most powerful elements on the planet. You get to create and destroy worlds, paint characters in vivid detail, and yet your world may be an exact opposite of mine. It's what you make of it and it's all yours forever.

Writting a novel about the process of writting a novel seems to be about the biggest ego feeding drivel I can conjure. So all blog posts and newsletters will be short, forever. This will likely be the longest one. They will be sporadic. Maybe once this whirlwind slows down and I can get my act together I'll post more frequently. I want everyone to take this journey with me for posterity.

Short and sweet, about twenty five years ago a couple of educators fanned my flame and gave me encouragement. Ten years ago I had an idea. Five years ago I started putting text to document (pad to paper in my day, haha). 6.12 (Coincidently Minneapolis' area code) is when it all comes to fruition. We publish live on Amazon next Friday. You'll all likely be reading this long after, but again, posterity.

I've been asked "What do you feel?" What do I feel? Insanely scared (this is a happily married with three kids, heterosexual big bear burly guy made of wroght iron, braun, and whiskey trying to be romantic) so yeah, terrified, and excited. I REALLY hope you like it, because it was a labour of pure love and I hope it's not one of those hideous babies every feels obligated to call "precious." We know what precious means. Unless you're the Enesco company, it ain't good.

To all those that buy a copy, please remember, this is my very first book. Be honest, but not soul-crushing.

- CJ

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