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  • CJ Loomis

A roller coaster of emotions

I've been asked quite a bit lately how I'd describe the way I wrote this book and how it's different than the traditional love story. Actually a couple of the book reviewers already picked up on it and mentioned it. Most romance novels/love stories are where a couple meets, something goes wrong, they break up, they end up together again. Now, I wasn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but in a sense I wanted to turn that formula on its ear. The route I took was that of a roller coaster. There is a build-up and admittedly it is a little slow at the beginning, but once the action begins, it's an emotional ride so hang on!

I also wanted to mention that being at about 300 books so far sold, I have more good family and friends than I realized and none of this is possible without them. I mean, I’m a big dude that likes football and whiskey, not exactly the stereotypical romance author. So putting myself out there was extremely scary. Granted my background in life has given me an exceptionally tough skin. But these people were those I trust in my life beyond any others and they have offered nothing but support. In a polarized world, that’s a testament to the people I hold dear and where I’m from. Thank you times a thousand for helping me chase this dream!

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