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#1 New Release

Today something pretty cool and mind boggling happened. Let me explain this out a little. Bear with me here, this may be more for my recollected purposes in my old age, but will serve as an explanation to everyone else at this point also. I said we’d be taking this journey together.

The Book “Plan”

1. Write a book and fulfill a lifelong dream – Check.

2. Research the crap out of every step we should take after that to get it published – Check.

3. TONS of boring stuff not worth explaining – Check.

a. One of the boring things we read time and time again was to choose a couple of “odd duck categories” that your book could fit into to hopefully gain best-seller status because it’s easier than getting a title like #1 Best Seller in Romance.

b. We chose Viking Historical Romance.

4. 7.6.20 at about 11 AM EST we have been named the #1 (Kindle ebook) and #3 (Paperback) in the category and we received the official Amazon orange #1 New Release banner!

a. This was still the case two hours later (right now) when I checked.

5. Now that helps us get noticed for the next higher level.

6. No idea, don’t know exactly what this means, back to the ole Google machine.

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